In Iraq, Internews focuses primarily on empowering local media and civil society through a range of development and humanitarian programs.

Internews’ priorities in Iraq include fostering freedom of speech, promoting gender programming, ensuring journalism safety, combating misinformation, supporting environmental journalism, and facilitating access to information. Internews has a particular emphasis on promoting the voices of marginalized communities, women, and youth in the public discourse in Iraq.

Internews in Iraq’s Priority Areas:

From 2017 to date, Internews in Iraq has had various priorities including, but not limited to:

  • Media capacity building
  • Women rights
  • Environmental journalism
  • Digital security
  • Information ecosystems

To address the above priorities, Internews successfully implemented four projects until September 2022: Women’s Voices, Open Iraq Initiative, Azadi Zanyari, and Aswatuna. Currently, Internews is implementing three projects: Aswatuna-II, Promotion of Women’s Rights in Iraq, and Environmental Journalism in Iraq.

Internews in Iraq’s Strategy:

Internews in Iraq’s 2023 to 2027 Country Strategy’s goal is: To protect and advance the fundamental freedom of the Iraqi press and strengthen Iraqi citizens’ access to fact-based, reliable information.

Our strategy builds on a decade of experience in Iraq and, in particular, on lessons learned from the implementation of a range of diverse media projects in support of independent media in Iraq since 2017. In consultation with local partners and stakeholders, Internews has developed a five-year country strategy to strengthen the independence and sustainability of Iraqi media through four inter-related objectives:

  • Objective 1: Increase the capacity of independent media, journalists, and other information providers to produce reliable, high-quality, evidence-based, solutions-driven, engaging content in particular related, but not limited to gender equality and climate justice
  • Objective 2: Strengthen business management, revenue generation, and audience engagement of independent media
  • Objective 3: Empower women to participate equally as citizens and decision-makers by strengthening and expanding women’s voices in Iraq
  • Objective 4: Support independent media, journalists, and other information providers to operate safely and securely

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