Banso Tolonga – COVID-19 Rumor Tracking Bulletin

The project aims to build trust around COVID-19 vaccines to ensure greater access to and uptake in the vaccines through establishing healthy information ecosystems to address mis- and disinformation and vaccine hesitancy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The bulletins are in French.

Issue #8 looks at the following rumors and issues:

  • Only cowards can be vaccinated
  • The COVID-19 vaccine causes epilepsy
  • Do we have to take the vaccine with each wave of COVID-19?
  • The vaccine causes other diseases
  • The vaccine makes people unfit
  • You tell us to get the vaccine but you don’t tell us how to prepare before taking the vaccine.
  • There are economic interests behind giving the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The vaccine is given for people with low antibodies
  • We see in videos people whose faces swell up after receiving the vaccines. This scares us.
  • I am still too young I am not too exposed to get the coronavirus, give your vaccines to old people
  • I can’t accept the vaccine because the coronavirus disease is spiritual and not in the body
  • The vaccine is the convention of the states to have money and not for protection

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