Face shield/visor

Made of clear plastic attached to a band which is placed on the forehead and protects all areas of the wearers face, not only the mouth and nose.

A man wears a plastic shield in front of his faceCritics of face shields point to the comparatively high cost of the device, and the fact that it does not offer 100% protection against the spread of  SARS-CoV-2. on their own. The shields are most effective when worn with an N95 face mask and are part of the PPE worn by healthcare workers.

Face shields are most often worn by dentists and beauticians. When  COVID-19 swept the globe, there were concerns that members of the public would buy up all stock of shields, leaving frontline healthcare staff unprotected. This prompted volunteers in many countries to begin 3D-printing of face shields in their own homes. In addition, companies that produce plastic goods saw a gap in the market and realigned their production to manufacture face shields.




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