In the Loop: Refugee Voices Bulletin

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“In The Loop” is a bi-weekly data-driven humanitarian feedback newsletter, produced to inform organizations and local authorities delivering services to refugees, returnees and host communities in Dadaab, Kakuma and Kolobeyei informal settlements.

By providing analysis of the feedback gathered, Internews aims to achieve two-way community feedback loops to support the humanitarian community’s effort to put the concerns and feedback of the affected populations at the forefront of their response to enhance accountability.

Special Editions

  • Mobile Survey Results, November 2020 – This special bulletin is made up of data gathered in September 2020 through a mobile survey conducted by GeoPoll in collaboration with consortium partners (Internews, FilmAid Kenya, Star Media Development Centre-Radio Gargaar & Star FM) under the Refugee Voices Project, funded by the American People through PRM. The objective of the survey was to identify health and protection knowledge gaps, and gauge communities’ knowledge, access, satisfaction and use of services in the camps.

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