“The Humanitarian feedback bulletins are very important to inform sectorial coordination. As an independent tool from the coordination team and sector partners, it’s useful to bring up the voice of the communities to identify issues and some priority needs. Those bulletins are critical to inform response strategies.”

UNHABITAT, National Shelter Lead – 2017 Port au Prince, Haiti

The majority of Internews HIS projects have a feedback component. It is essential to engage with communities and support them to have their voices heard by the broader humanitarian community. That feedback cannot be detached from the fundamental right communities have to receive the information they need to make informed decisions. Collecting feedback and responding back to the community with answers is not an easy task and it can work only when there is trust between the communities and the organizations collecting the feedback. Internews has been able to build very effective feedback collection and analysis systems that support the overall humanitarian response in becoming more adaptable, accountable and responsive to the needs of the local population. These systems also give the local population access to better and more information, ensuring they have a say in how decisions are being made.

See Internews’ Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) repository of Feedback