Since its first humanitarian project in 2005, Internews has been distributing radios to communities across a variety of countries. Along with radio distribution, Internews uses Listening Groups to provide expanded information access, establishing designated areas and times where people can listen to programs. In contexts where radio remains the most accessible and trusted source of information for the majority of the population and literacy levels are low, radio is the best and most practical way to quickly and cost-effectively spread lifesaving information to a diverse selection of beneficiaries, including vulnerable groups that are often left out of their community’s information ecosystem. In conjunction with the provision of local news and information, distributing hand-held radios is a critical and reliable strategy for increasing access to information and promoting the safety, security, and health of local communities and displaced populations.

“Every week I look forward to sitting with my family to listen to BBTT [internews HIS South Sudan]. I hear about what is happening where I live and I get to say what I think should be done to fix problems. As a young woman, sometimes I am not heard in our community, it is always the men they ask for their opinion, but BBTT listens to me every time.”

Nyajima Malek Ruok, Listening Group member, UN House PoC, Juba, South Sudan