Internews has been operating in Central America since 2011 to grow data-driven investigative journalism into areas such as governance and organized crime. In a collaboration with four media organizations in Latin America, Internews and Insight Crime explored the role of organized crime in driving displacement and slavery in the region — and what authorities have failed to do about it.

Beginning in 2016, it brought together aspiring data and investigative journalists through an intensive fellowship and mentoring program to grow data journalism in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and provided additional support to previous network partners to continue to grow their investigations into government handling of corruption, violence against women, food security and other entrenched governance issues plaguing the region.

Internews’ 200-hour curriculum localized for the region was integrating into university curricula as a significant step towards robust public interest reporting in future.

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Colaboración sin Fronteras:

Exploring the potential of collaborative multimedia cross-border investigative reporting in Latin America, by Eva Constantaras

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