Our work directly addresses the unfinished business we see around the world: the market gaps, the repressive regimes, the remaining information deserts and the growing information gluts.

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Our approach focuses on four overlapping areas:


of women report some form of online violence according to Networked Intelligence
Ensure robust access to information for the information-poor and vulnerable  

Over the next decade, more than a billion new people will come online. So far, the record has been uneven in terms of safe, sustainable access for all. We work to ensure that media and information systems are resilient, safe and sustainable.


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of the world's population lives in a country with a free press, according to Freedom House.
Reduce systemic information exclusion  

When people don’t feel heard, trust drops and tensions rise. We know that when media reflects the larger community, trust and civic engagement increases and we all benefit.

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of the world's websites are in English, yet only 24% of the world's population speaks English as a first or second language.
Fill critical gaps in quality content  

When content spurs conversations and leads to action, when it reflects diverse voices, it is a powerful vehicle for change. We build the skills of content creators while helping them evolve sustainable business models so they can keep high-quality information flowing.

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of traffic to news stories are driven by Facebook posts
Support the ability of people to critically engage with news and information  

People must be able to engage with media and information in a way that empowers and advances their social and economic progress. Empowered individuals demand higher-quality news and information, creating a virtuous circle between producers and consumers.

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