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Organizational Security

Facilitate digital security assessments and trainings

Internews has trained thousands of journalists and activists on digital security awareness and online safety practices at the international and grassroots levels in 80+ countries worldwide. With our groundbreaking SAFETAG framework for organizational security audits we train expert auditors in regions around the world, providing civil society organizations with the tools to recognize and reduce their digital vulnerabilities.


Promote digital safety and online inclusion

In addition to promoting an open and rights-oriented online environment, we engage directly with internet users to promote safe and secure means of navigating the digital space. We train vulnerable and high-risk internet users including women, human rights defenders and LGBTI persons to get ahead of closing environments, promote their inclusion online, and empower them to make their voices heard without fear of reprisal.

Make security USABLE

Improve existing privacy and security tools

We build global feedback loops connecting digital security trainers working with at-risk communities, design experts, and open source tool developers. Our human-centered design approach to the development of digital security software solves real world problems and builds better, more usable tools for communities who need them most.

Protecting Civic Space

Increasing understanding of the drivers of closing civic and political space

With funding from USAID, Internews is leading a seven-member consortium to implement the Enabling and Protecting Civic Space (EPCS) INSPIRES project. We support the USAID Center for Democracy, Rights and Governance (DRG) and the broader DRG community to strategically respond to the growing trend of closing civic and political space.

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